Service Callouts & Service Contracts

Here at JTS, we recognise the importance of looking after our chambers after they have left our shop floor.

Service Callouts & Service Contracts


Here at JTS, we recognise the importance of looking after our test chambers after they have left our shop floor. Should you encounter any problems or breakdowns, we offer over the phone troubleshooting and support to assess the problem and if needed we can schedule a visit from one of our engineers.

Test Chambers can suffer from a range of problems, and as such it is hard to put a fixed price on repair and maintenance work depending on what replacement parts might be needed as well as diagnosis and repair work time frames. If you have a test chamber in need of service, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the problem.

Service Contracts

Our aim at JTS is to provide a premium service to ensure reliability and to maintain optimum performance from our chambers over their testing lifetime.

At JTS we understand that every business is unique and therefore we offer maintenance contracts tailored to meet the needs of you and your test chamber. A typical Service Contract can include:

  • Cover periods starting at 12 months
  • Over the phone technical support.
  • Priority support and breakdown callout scheduling.
  • Limited and unlimited options for inclusive breakdown callouts, with usual service expenses covered.
  • 1-2 planned maintenance visits per year for service and calibration.
  • And much more.

Service Contracts can be negotiated at any time, either when you order your test chamber or once the warranty period has expired.

As with anything, if you would like to discuss our service contracts please get in touch via our contact page.

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